Traveling Safely

Bulgaria, which is the oldest country in Europe is popular for its natural diversity that includes mountains, plains, lakes, seas, and even deserts. Traveling around the country will not only excite you but create some of your life’s most amazing moments. To be able to enjoy this, however, you need to stay safe when traveling. There are a lot of travel scams in Bulgaria and you need to be very careful not to fall for them.

Here are Some Travel Scams You Need to Watch Out for in Bulgaria

False Exchange Rate

When traveling around Bulgaria, you’ll be expected to make your payment using cash in most places. If you are a foreigner, you’ll need to exchange your foreign currency for local currency. To be safe, ensure that you make all your exchanges in banks. If you go to exchange kiosks, you can end up getting a raw deal which may negatively affect your travel budget.

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Be Wary of Invalid Banknotes

If this is your first time to travel to Bulgaria, there are some scammers that may want to take advantage of you by giving you invalid and old banknotes either as change or when making an exchange. This is very common in places where tourists frequent and you, therefore, need to be very careful not to fall for their tricks.

Look Out For Fake Taxis

As you travel around Bulgaria and especially Sofia, you’ll come across some taxis that have false stickers. The owners of such cars want you to believe that they belong to a major taxi company so that you can use them for their travels. To be safe when booking a taxi, use an official app or ask for help from reliable sources such as hotel receptionist where you are checking in.

Be Alert in Crowded Areas

When traveling in areas where there are a lot of people, there are high possibilities of coming across pickpockets. These people will take advantage of the situation to rob you of your valuables especially if you are carrying them using a backpack. To stay safe in crowded areas, check out who is around you and avoid getting people to stand too close to you. Avoid getting into an already overcrowded bus as the chances of getting robbed as you scrabble for the little space available are very high.

Do not Accept Free Gifts

When walking in the streets, you may come a stranger who will offer you something for free. This could be a postcard or a bracelet, among other items where they’ll insist that you take the item without paying for it. Immediately you accept the gift, the person will start following you around demanding payment for the item he claimed was free. He will reject your attempt to give back the item and since you don’t want the continued harassment, your only option will be to pay for it. Do not fall for this trick any time you are traveling around Bulgaria.

Double Check Your Bills

When taking a meal at a restaurant, do not just pay your bill before checking if what is included is what you actually took. There are some waiters who may want to take advantage of you by adding other items that you never took so that they can make some extra cash from you. Going through your bill is the only way you can ensure that you only pay for what you took.