Top Sites in Bulgaria

Are you planning a short or an extended visit to Bulgaria? Whatever your option is, Bulgaria is a fascinating country where you’ll create amazing memories that will last a lifetime. The country has a lot to offer but this will only become a reality if you are aware of the top sites. Here are some of the must-visit sites in Bulgaria:


Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria which is a must visit any time you get to Bulgaria. It has a rich collection of culture, museums, and parks where you’ll learn a lot about the history of the country. The onion-domed churches, Red Army monuments, Roman ruins over 2000 years old, and the Ottoman Mosques are some of the attractions you’ll enjoy visiting at the capital. 

To make it even better, there are alfresco cafes where you can enjoy your favorite delicacies, large parks, and manicured gardens for your relaxation. 

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Prohodna Cave

Prohodna Cave is among the most favorite tourist spots because of the outstanding rock structure. The locals refer to the cave’s opening as ‘the Eyes of God’ as it resembles the eyes. To get a better and more impressive view, you can wait for the moon to shine through the ‘eyes’. 

Any time you feel like rock climbing when in Bulgaria, go to the Prohodna Cave and climb up the unique rock structures.

Pirin National Park

Popular is among the most popular mountains in Bulgaria for hiking. With the alpine rock landscape that is surrounded by dotted blue lakes, you’ll love every moment you spend there. As you go round the national park, you’ll discover multiple hiking trails with Koncheto Ridge being the most challenging. If this is your first time to go to Pirin National Park, you should carry a map or get a guide to lead the way.

Krushuna Waterfalls

Krushuna Waterfalls are so perfect that you’d think they are artificial. The waters have a turquoise color that creates an amazing contrast with the beautiful snow-white rocks. You cannot afford to miss this amazing site any time you visit Northern Bulgaria. Do not forget to take some perfect shots while in this place and post them on your social media pages!

The Sveshtari Tomb

The Sveshtari Tomb is among UNESCO’s protected traditional Thracian sites that was discovered in 1982. The tomb was made as a royal funeral site though the names of those buried there remain a mystery.  When you walk into the tomb, you’ll love the amazing view of 10 female figures raising their hands as though they are holding the ceiling in place.

The Rose Valley

How would you feel to go to a place where Roses dominate? The Rose Valley has numerous rose fields which fill the atmosphere in the area with the amazing scent of rose bloom. You can take part in the Rose Festival between May and June or even take part in the rose harvesting process.

There is no limit to the fun activities you can partake in every time you visit Bulgaria. All you need is to know what really want and go to places where you’ll actualize your desires!