Getting Around in Bulgaria

To access all the beautiful sites in Bulgaria, you need to know the means of transport that will work best for you. There are multiple means of transport to choose from and your choice will depend on your budget, personal preference, and reliability as well. Here are some of the means you can use to get around in Bulgaria:


Traveling by bus is among the most affordable and convenient means of getting around Bulgaria. Most of the bus companies are reliable and always ensure that their buses remain user-friendly and clean. To know how the different buses operate and the charges, you can access the simplified computer system at Central Bus Station.

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You can choose to hire a taxi to get around Bulgaria if you don’t want to wait for the bus. To be safe, ensure that you hire a taxi from a licensed company and agree on the price before embarking on your journey. If this is your first time in Bulgaria, you can use apps like the Yellow Taxi to know the right company to hire a taxi from.


The railway network in Bulgaria covers almost all regions which make rail transport very convenient. You have to be prepared for potential delays as the infrastructure is quite old. The services are also not as friendly and comfortable as when you use the bus.  Do not get surprised if there is no one on board to inform you that you have reached your destination.

Rent a Car

To get around Bulgaria fast and conveniently, you can rent a car. The price of hiring cars in Bulgaria is quite reasonable and you’ll have the freedom to travel to your chosen destination without limitations. To avoid getting lost on the way, you should get a map or even hire a designated driver. Getting an English speaking local driver will be the best option as he’ll be able to negotiate with the locals on your behalf. He will also be familiar with the most convenient and safest routes to your destinations.


Bulgaria is a small country which means you’ll be able to get around the country within a short time. When driving, you’ll only take 4 to 5 hours from the Capital to the coast which is a clear indication of how small the country is. However, you can still choose to travel by air to arrive faster using the available airlines. You need to set aside a higher budget for your transport if you choose to travel by air.

Whichever means of transport you choose to get around Bulgaria, the most important point is having the best experience. You can never have a dull moment in Bulgaria and all you need is to have enough time for all the fun. Except for the railway transport that is not friendly and reliable, every other means of transport will get you to your destination on time and at reasonable rates.