Foods in Bulgaria

Bulgarian food is one of the reasons you’ll fall in love with Bulgaria over and over again. The foods are rich in flavor, colors, forms, and are presented in different variations. Though some cuisines are unique to Bulgaria, there are foods that are greatly influenced by other Middle East cuisines. There is only one way to know how truly delicious the food in Bulgaria is and this is by having a taste of each delicacy.

Here are some of the must-taste foods in Bulgaria:

Shopska Salata

Shopska salata is among the most popular salads in Bulgaria that you can find in almost all traditional restaurants. In addition to chopped vegetables, Bulgarian sirene, which is simply white cheese, is added to it making it very delicious. You should never miss this healthy salad for anything as sirene is only found in Bulgaria.

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Shkembe Chorba

Shkembe Chorba is a tripe soup that is made using tripe, garlic, milk, and red paprika. If you had too much to drink the previous night and are looking for ways to cure the hangovers, this soup will do the trick! You can take it with your favorite meal to make the experience more exciting.

Banitsa/ Banichka

Banitsa is made using pastry sheets, cheese, yoghurt, and some eggs. There are people that will use pumpkins or spinach when making this delicacy which is why it will taste differently depending on where you take it. You can get Banitsa in almost all local bakeries and since it is quite affordable, most Bulgarians prefer taking it as there breakfast snack.

Bulgarian Moussaka

Moussaka was originally a Middle East delicacy that was introduced in Bulgaria during the Ottoman rule. The Bulgarians came up with their own version of moussaka which they make using potatoes, minced meat, and yorghurt layers. The meal is quite delicious and since it is also quite easy to prepare, you cannot afford to miss it every time you are in Bulgaria.

Meshana Skara

Meshana skara is made using different forms of grilled meat that include kyufte (meatballs), karnache (Italian sausages), pork steaks, and shishche (skewer). To make it tastier, the delicacy is garnished using shoska salata or rakia.

Stuffed Peppers

This is made using ground meat and rice that is stuffed with peppers. There are people who will prepare this meal without meat especially on Christmas Eve which would really work for you if you are a vegetarian. Since the food is popular in Bulgaria, you can find it in almost all restaurants and you cannot afford to miss it on your next visit.

Garash Cake

Garash cake was invented in the capital Sofia in the 20th century. It is simply a chocolate dessert that is made using walnuts, egg whites, butter cakes, chocolate, cream, and coconut flakes decoration. You can find this delicious cake in all patisseries in Bulgaria and this means you have no reason not to taste it. 

Wine Kebap

This is a main dish in Bulgaria whose origin is in the Middle East. It is made using stewed pork, beef, or lamb meat that combined with vegetables.  To make it more unique, the sauce is made using wine and will be served with white rice or mashed potatoes. Depending on the restaurant, you can find some sprinkled parsley on your food.